RESERVATION & PAYMENT– a $100 non refundable or transferable deposit is required for reservation.Deposit is deducted from final bill.One final bill is presented on event day.Total payment responsibility is held by host.We will not split the bill but can take multiple forms of payment with amounts decided by the host.We accept cash, check and credit card. Finalization’s are due one week before event.Questions,changes and finalization’s can only be made by host.Guest minimum is 30 and maximum is 80.Reservation is for private room only and doesn’t include main dining room or patio.

TIME SLOT– room is yours for 3 and a half hours.Host and up to four guests may arrive up to one hour prior to start time if room is ready for set up.Host must be present for set up to ensure instructions are abided by.Additional time maybe purchased prior to your event if available.Fee is $200 for a extra hour.Private room closes at 10:30 with no exceptions.

DECORATIONS– are limited.Up to one hour prior to your event host can bring in and set up centerpieces,flowers and minimal weighted balloons.All decorations are to be kept inside private room.Anything you bring in must be taken out by you within the three and a half hour time slot.No taping ,tacking or hanging of any kind to walls or ceilings.No confetti or funfetti is allowed anywhere in room.You are not permitted to move any tables at any time and table placement is determined by Lola’s Bistro..All decor brought in must be taken out by you within the three and a half hour time slot.Extra charges may apply.

BYOB FEE– is $40.This includes ice,wine glasses and set up and restock of bar by staff throughout your event.Bar is self serve only.You,your guests or any type of bartender is not allowed behind the bar at anytime.BYOB option allows you to bring in beer,wine,alcohol or pre-mixed alcoholic punch.Drinks must stay in party room.Any type of soft drinks must be ordered from Lola’s Bistro.Blenders or any type of drink mixing/ making machines are not allowed.Kegs are not allowed.BYOB can not arrive any earlier than up to one hour prior to your event.

ENTERTAINMENT-DJ is allowed but limits your maximum guest capacity.Music level must be kept at a reasonable volume level which is determined by Lola’s Bistro.No live music/bands allowed.Any other type of live entertainment must be approved by Lola’s Bistro. If any live entertainment does not comply with our requests they will need to leave the premises immediately holding Lola’s Bistro harmless.

DESSERT-if dessert is included in your package you may bring in a cake or cookie platter with no charge.We will cut and serve cake only for you.Any other dessert you bring in must be accompanied by your own paper plates and is self serve.Cake is allowed in up to one hour prior to start of event. We are not responsible for your cake.We don’t allow any type of chocolate fountains or blenders or any type of coffee/dessert machines.If dessert is not included in your package and you choose to bring in a dessert there is a fee attached to your final bill.

FINALIZATION’S-any questions and finalization’s are due one week prior to your event.Host may call us at 860-351 5459.Information needed (but isn’t limited to) final count,BYOB and menu choice. (you are not allowed to bring in any type of food of any kind except dessert listed above). Payment is due day of event.Pricing does not include tax then tip which is added to your final bill by Lola’s Bistro.We reserve the right to refuse service at anytime prior to or during your event if any of these regulations are ignored.Additional info can be found online at